Foster Care

Destitute under the age of 18, destitute, abandoned children’s overall welfare and rehabilitation for non-institutional care for Parenting & Foster Care Plan (Foster Care) are accepted. Under the plan temporarily raised the children while in the care of the upbringing is entrusted, until their family circumstances could not be stronger. ”
Suitable for child care upbringing:
Child whose biological parents of such families are involved in any wrongdoing or whose parents either are not able or are in crisis and unable to care for the child or the parents are not alive. Government and non-government organizations in whose care the child is going to give them the opportunity to live a family life.
A child adopted various reasons cannot be turned on.
Competent people to oversee the upbringing / institution:
single parents. couple. NGOs or other accredited person and / or agency or group who personally oversees nutrition for the child / children are willing to take responsibility.