Women and Child Development

Women and Child Development Department of the State Government under which women and children as a form of implementation of the various plans are oriented towards integration.


Ladli Laxmi Yojna
The girl was born in the positive thinking of the public, improvement in sex ratio, educational level and health status of girls and improve their good future for the purpose of the foundation in Madhya Pradesh from 01.04.2007 beloved Lakshmi plan has been implemented.Madhya Pradesh whose parents are native, not the taxpayer. The second episode of the girl’s mother or father prior to the application of family planning is adopted.

Integrated Child Protection Scheme
Under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme up to 18 years living in difficult circumstances and in need of care and protection to children disputed legal protection, assistance and rehabilitation is provided. Under the plan, 142 houses in the state operated variety. Nutrition for children in these homes, education, training, health and rehabilitation is provided.

“Adoption is a process through which the child’s adoption by his biological parents are permanently separated and that the rights, benefits and obligations to its adoption referred to as parent new parents become legal son. Have been declared legally independent destitute, destitute and surrendered children are given in adoption. 38 Special is operated in the state adoption agency. ”
“Eligibility for Adoption”
An individual regardless of his marital status anything.
Regardless of how his parents the gender of the child is living biological sons or daughters.A childless couple. On completion of 2 years of marriage. Live in relation to couples who are not eligible for the child’s adoption.
Adoption of children in the age group of 0-3 years for the combined age of the parents of children aged 90 years and over 3 years combined age of 105 years for the parents. The adopted child be permitted to take on single men.

Foster Care
Destitute under the age of 18, destitute, abandoned children’s overall welfare and rehabilitation for non-institutional care for Parenting & Foster Care Plan (Foster Care) are accepted. Under the plan temporarily raised the children while in the care of the upbringing is entrusted, until their family circumstances could not be stronger. ”
Suitable for child care upbringing:
Child whose biological parents of such families are involved in any wrongdoing or whose parents either are not able or are in crisis and unable to care for the child or the parents are not alive. Government and non-government organizations in whose care the child is going to give them the opportunity to live a family life.
A child adopted various reasons cannot be turned on.
Competent people to oversee the upbringing / institution:
single parents. couple. NGOs or other accredited person and / or agency or group who personally oversees nutrition for the child / children are willing to take responsibility.

“The scheme has been so poor families feed their children, to education and medical systems.
Prwartkta assistance provided in the following types:
The child’s family to continue their education in the remaining families Prwartkta (sponsorship) assistance will be provided. It destitute children / becoming unsafe, escape, child marriage, child labour has been forced to in, to live in the institution and protect it from being an attempt Viv’s.
Due to poverty, children living in institutions can be mixed back into families by the Prwartkta assistance.
The focus of the plan (concentration):
At the start of the plan on the rehabilitation of children already living in child homes concentration. Therefore, the implementation of the first phase of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme based Prwartkta institutional children’s family who will be given priority so that both or at least one parent alive boys / girls from their biological family to be attached.
The basis of selection of children
Children 0-18 years of age to be. Children, crèche constantly be living more than 6 months. Economic cooperation can be restored to his family.
Annual family income does not exceed Rs 24,000. Priority is given to such children whose single parent mother, widow, HIV / leprosy victims are detained or imprisoned.

Usha Kiran Yojna (Domestic Violence)
Under Usha Kiran Yojna (Domestic Violence) Act 2005 Rules 2006 under the protection of women affected by the action or actions, i.e. a woman and children (boys and girls under the age of 18) health, safety, life-threatening / crisis conditions, economic loss, damage and the women and children who have Unmanageable are miserable and degraded. Under the physical violence, verbal and emotional violence, sexual and economic violence and the threat to women and families counselling in office

Chief Minister Women Empowerment Scheme
Under the plan, suffering, difficult socio-economic conditions of women living in permanent training will be provided for upgrading to get the job. This training will be provided through such entities degrees’ certificates issued by government institutions to be valid in private services. The total expenditure on training the training fees, housing fees, food and scholarships will be included. Such women will be selected by a committee at the district level. The plan will be operated by the district. Each district will need to assess the physical and financial annual targets. Provisioned budget will be through the District Planning Committee. Training institution will pay the service provider directly.

Shaurya Dal
Madhya Pradesh government is always sensitive to issues related to women and children. Vision of violence and crimes against women from controlling law and frameworks manufactured, and women can boldly use it for this purpose have to take several steps. But unsupportive dysfunctional behaviour of the wider family and community violence and crime against women are not permitted to enter the case in the police station in the crimes against women has been steadily increasing. In many areas, the prevalence of social malaise is the cause of violence against women also. The position of women in society, not only are social disruption in the mainstream of development is encouraging but also necessary and important participation of women and girls are affected. Women and girls to create a sensory environment and a reduction in the prevalence of violence at the right time control needs to realize, was a community initiative. This innovative initiative of social consciousness was released after brainstorming ‘Surya team of his own identity. Surya team members are featured at the ground, which is connected to the violence against women, torture, harassment, sexual abuse against feels its responsibility, without selfishness, without greed.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
Eliminating the process of biased gender selection, ensuring the survival and security of girls, ensuring girls’ educationDue to the changing nature of women in education and changing society in the present life style, the responsibilities of women have also changed. Women are also fulfilling many responsibilities outside the house as well as the responsibilities of the household, as well as they are also working out of the house for economic empowerment. Capacity building training, POCSO workshop, awareness camp, menstruation and hygiene programs for women from 2018-19, to give girls a place in society, to ensure the protection of daughters, to prevent female feticide and to give good education to girls. Free Pink Driving License Camp, Women’s Conference, Nari Choupal, Mann Mantra etc. programs and activities Security is being held.

One Stop Centre (Sakhi)
Under the One Stop Centre (Sakhi), women and girls suffering from all kinds of violence will be provided with temporary shelter, police-desk, legal aid, medical and counselling facility in one stop station at one stop station.Provide support and assistance to women and girls suffering from violence under one roof. • Providing immediate emergency and non-emergency facilities to the victim and woman, such as medical, legal, psychological counseling etc.Provide support to the women suffering from violence, including those girls below 18 years of age. • To assist the girls under the age of 18, linking institutions formed under the protection of the Child Protection Act 2012 and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, with gender related crimes.

Sashakt Vahini
Under the Sashakt Vahini Yojna, girls and girls are being trained to be recruited in the Police Department. Besides, information about various welfare schemes being run for women is being provided. At the same time, 33 percent of the police stations have been reserved for women to make security watchdog. This creates an emotional atmosphere for the protection of women and women in society.

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