Shaurya Dal

Madhya Pradesh government is always sensitive to issues related to women and children. Vision of violence and crimes against women from controlling law and frameworks manufactured, and women can boldly use it for this purpose have to take several steps. But unsupportive dysfunctional behaviour of the wider family and community violence and crime against women are not permitted to enter the case in the police station in the crimes against women has been steadily increasing. In many areas, the prevalence of social malaise is the cause of violence against women also. The position of women in society, not only are social disruption in the mainstream of development is encouraging but also necessary and important participation of women and girls are affected. Women and girls to create a sensory environment and a reduction in the prevalence of violence at the right time control needs to realize, was a community initiative. This innovative initiative of social consciousness was released after brainstorming ‘Surya team of his own identity. Surya team members are featured at the ground, which is connected to the violence against women, torture, harassment, sexual abuse against feels its responsibility, without selfishness, without greed.