“Adoption is a process through which the child’s adoption by his biological parents are permanently separated and that the rights, benefits and obligations to its adoption referred to as parent new parents become legal son. Have been declared legally independent destitute, destitute and surrendered children are given in adoption. 38 Special is operated in the state adoption agency. ”
“Eligibility for Adoption”
An individual regardless of his marital status anything.
Regardless of how his parents the gender of the child is living biological sons or daughters.A childless couple. On completion of 2 years of marriage. Live in relation to couples who are not eligible for the child’s adoption.
Adoption of children in the age group of 0-3 years for the combined age of the parents of children aged 90 years and over 3 years combined age of 105 years for the parents. The adopted child be permitted to take on single men.